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When is the Best Time to Plant New Grass (Sod), Shrubs, Trees, and Ground Cover in Westchester County?

Planting new grass, shrubs, trees, and ground cover in Westchester County, NY, requires careful consideration of the local climate and USDA Hardiness Zone 7a. Timing your planting correctly ensures that your plants establish strong roots and thrive in their new environment.

Planting New Grass (Sod)

Best Time: Early Fall or Spring

“At Prestige Landscape Service, we recommend laying sod in early fall or spring for the best results,” advises Danny Tobar. “These seasons provide optimal conditions for root establishment.”


Planting Shrubs

Best Time: Early Spring or Fall

Planting Trees

Best Time: Early Spring or Fall


Planting Ground Cover

Best Time: Spring or Early Fall

Additional Tips

Soil Preparation

Regardless of the plant type, proper soil preparation is crucial. Test your soil and amend it as needed to ensure it has the right pH and nutrient balance for your plants.


Apply mulch around new plants to retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and reduce weed growth.


Consistent watering is essential, especially during the first few weeks after planting. Ensure your new plants receive adequate moisture to establish strong roots.

Weather Monitoring

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Avoid planting during extreme weather conditions, such as heatwaves, heavy rain, or unexpected frost.

By planting new grass, shrubs, trees, and ground cover at the optimal times, you can ensure they establish well and thrive in Westchester County’s unique climate. At Prestige Landscape Service, we provide expert advice and services to help you create a beautiful and healthy landscape.

“Timing is everything when it comes to planting,” says Danny Tobar. “With the right timing and proper care, your plants will thrive in Westchester’s climate.”

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