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Lawn Care Westchester NY & Fairfield CT

Our lawn care services are professional and affordable, available as one-off, on-demand services or through customized, contracted seasonal plans tailored to our homes.

Our offerings include lawn mowing, seeding, weeding, sodding, aeration, mulching, and grass planting. We also provide expert garden care and seasonal lawn clean-ups in the spring and fall to ensure your outdoor spaces are healthy, well cared for, and looking their best. 

We offer comprehensive lawn care services to ensure your lawn stays lush, green, and healthy. Our experienced team is equipped to handle a wide range of lawn care and lawn types, including suburban residential homes, private farms and commercial properties.

We provide professional care and landscaping services year-round.

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We provide customized lawn care plans for homeowners throughout Westchester and Fairfield County.


    Years Of Experiance

    Danny Tobar, Owner

    We partner with our customers and take the time needed to understand which types of lawn care services will help them achieve their ideal landscape. Your property should be a source of joy year-round.

    Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

    We specialize in mowing, trimming and edging, sodding, and installing new lawns, ensuring your grass is always lush and well-maintained.

    Lawn Clean Ups and Maintenance

    We offer targeted seasonal services in the spring and fall, including fertilization, lawn renovations, aeration, leaf and weed cleanup, shrub pruning, cutbacks, planting, and more.

    Garden Bed Maintenance

    We can help plan, plant and maintain garden beds, providing mulching services that suppress weeds, conserve soil moisture, and enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.

    Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

    Investing in your home’s landscaping is an investment in your family’s enjoyment of your home. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    We Work Throughout Westchester County

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    Whether for your home or commercial property, a stunning, well-maintained garden, lawn and landscape will significantly boost its curb appeal and value! 

    Mulch and Rock Installation

    Elevate your garden’s look and health with our expert installation services.

    Plantings and Lawn Care

    Transform your outdoor space with new plantings and expert lawn care services.

    Lawn Mowing Service

    Keep your grass short and pests at bay with our expert mowing services.

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      What our customers say about our work

      "We have had Danny and his team clean up our home's yard and farm land every spring and fall. He is always punctual, professional, and thorough."

      Richard N South Salem, NY

      "I first met Danny through Thumbtack. He quickly proved himself to be a very knowledgeable landscaper. He helped build some garden walls, planted our flower gardens (now thriving), and comes twice or thrice a month to mow our lawn. We love his service."

      Steve H Ardsley, NY

      "Danny came recommended to me, he has plowed my driveway and power washed my home. He is dependable and kind, too have recommended him to friends and family!"

      Ken V Hawthrone, NY
      frequently asked questions

      Seasonal lawn care contracts in Westchester and Fairfield counties often include a variety of essential services tailored to the unique climate and seasonal changes of the region. Here are some popular services included in these contracts:

      1. Lawn Mowing: Regular mowing is fundamental, typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly during the growing seasons in spring and summer.

      2. Fertilization: Applications of fertilizer are scheduled to promote healthy grass growth, customized to the specific seasonal needs of the area.

      3. Weed Control: Both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments are used to keep lawns in Westchester and Fairfield counties free from invasive weeds.

      4. Aeration: Performed in the spring or fall, aeration helps air, water, and nutrients penetrate the roots, enhancing the health and density of the lawn.

      5. Overseeding: Particularly beneficial in the fall, overseeding helps improve lawn density and appearance.

      6. Dethatching: This service is typically offered in the spring or fall to help improve water and nutrient absorption by removing thatch.

      7. Leaf Removal: Essential in the fall, leaf removal services prevent damage from wet, decomposing leaves.

      8. Mulching: Applied in garden beds and around trees, mulch helps retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth.

      Additionally, for the winter months, services like Snow Plowing and Ice Clearing are crucial in Westchester and Fairfield counties to ensure driveways and walkways are safe and accessible.

      In Westchester and Fairfield County, CT, the timing and frequency of lawn care, including mowing, trimming, and weeding, will vary based on several factors, including the type of grass you have, the specific seasonal conditions, and your personal landscaping goals. Here's how you might adjust lawn care tasks according to local conditions:

      Mowing: Generally, Westchester and Fairfield lawns should be mowed weekly during the peak growth seasons of spring and summer to keep the grass healthy and tidy. During the cooler months of late fall and early spring, you might reduce the frequency to every other week depending on grass growth and weather conditions.

      Fertilization: In Westchester and Fairfield County, it's ideal to fertilize your lawn at least twice a year. Early spring fertilization helps to kickstart growth after the winter dormancy period. A fall application helps to strengthen the roots and store nutrients for the cold winter months.

      Aeration: This is best performed once a year, and the timing depends on the type of grass. For cool-season grasses, which are common in these counties, aeration is most effective in the fall. This helps the lawn recover from the summer stress and prepares it for vigorous growth in the spring.

      These recommendations take into account the typical climate and growing conditions in Westchester and Fairfield County, helping to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and attractive throughout the year.

      For seasonal cleanup services in Westchester and Fairfield County, our offerings are meticulously designed to prepare your lawn and garden for the upcoming seasons while maintaining their health and aesthetics. Here's a detailed overview of what each service includes:

      Fall Cleanup:

      • Leaf Removal: We remove all fallen leaves from your property to prevent smothering your grass.
      • Mowing Grass Shorter: Cutting the grass shorter than normal helps protect against fungal diseases during the damp, cold winter months.
      • Mulching: Using leftover leaves and grass clippings, we create a natural mulch that enriches the soil as it decomposes.
      • Shaping Hedges and Shrubs: We give all hedges and shrubs their final prune of the season to shape them and encourage healthy growth.
      • Debris Removal: Includes the removal of branches, twigs, and other organic matter that might have accumulated.
      • Deadheading Perennials: We deadhead any remaining perennial flowers to promote robust spring growth.
      • Turning Mulch: This helps prevent mold and diseases by exposing any hidden damp spots to air.
      • Fertilizer Application: A final fall fertilizer helps strengthen roots and prepare the lawn for winter.

      Spring Cleanup and Summer Preparation:

      • Leaf Cleanup: We clear away any leftover leaves from fall and winter.
      • Removal of Fallen Trees and Limbs: Cleaning up debris from winter storms to prevent damage to growing grass and new plantings.
      • Grass Seeding and Mulching: We apply grass seeds to bare spots and mulch to help retain soil moisture and protect new seeds.
      • Raking: We rake the lawn to remove matted leaves and debris that could hinder new growth.
      • Thatch Removal: Removing thatch buildup allows more sunlight, air, and water to reach the soil, encouraging healthy lawn growth.
      • Preparing Flower Beds: We clean and prepare flower beds for new plantings, ensuring optimal growing conditions.
      • Pest and Weed Control: Early prevention and treatment to keep pests and weeds under control throughout the growing season.
      • Repairing Snowplow Damage: Fixing any landscape damage caused by snow removal operations.
      • Snow Mold Inspection and Cleanup: We check for snow mold and clear it out if necessary to prevent damage to new spring growth.
      • First Fertilizer Application: Kickstarting the season with a nutrient boost to promote vigorous lawn and plant growth.

      These comprehensive cleanup services ensure your lawn and garden areas are pristine, healthy, and well-prepared for the new season's growth.

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      We offer comprehensive lawn care and creative landscaping services. From routine lawn maintenance like mowing and fertilization to designing and building beautiful outdoor spaces, our team is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your yard.

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