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We provide Westchester  County homeowners with Landscaping, Lawn Care, Power washing, Painting, Hardscaping, and Masonry Services.

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    Prestige Landscape Services is a family-owned and operated landscaping and lawn care company based in Westchester County.

    We proudly serve our clients throughout the four seasons with affordable landscaping services. From lawn mowing to snow removal, we have an answer for everything Mother Nature throws at Westchester County.

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    We are a Trusted Lawn Care & Landscaping Company

    At Prestige Landscape Services, we provide tailored lawn and landscape services, including lawn care, mowing, landscaping design, gardening, plantings, tree care, expert hardscaping, masonry, power washing, and snow removal. 


    During our consultation, we assess the work needed to align your landscape with your vision for your property.


    We develop a plan and timeline, establish a budget and present it to you for approval.


    We get to work, keeping you updated and informed—every step of the way.

    We provide free on-site estimates throughout Westchester County.

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    Years Of Experiance

    Westchester NY Snow Plowing
    Danny Tobar, Owner

    We prioritize our customers needs in every aspect of our work. Your property should be a source of joy year-round. Whether it's lawn care during the spring and summer months, leaf removal in the fall, or snow plowing in the winter, we've got you covered.


    We are experienced, professional landscaping professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients and community.

    360° Landscaping Service

    Landscape Maintenance. We maintain your shrubs, plants, stone, grass, sod, mulch and much more

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    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our job isn’t done until you’re thrilled with the work we’ve done!

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    Whether it’s for your home or commercial property, a stunning well-maintained landscape will boost curb appeal and value!

    Garden Design and Planning

    Garden Design & Planning

    We specialize in transforming outdoor spaces through expert garden design and maintenance.

    Snow Removal

    Snow Plowing & Removal

    Our team provides snow plowing and cleanup throughout Westchester County when winter storms hit.

    Seasonal Maintenance

    Comprehensive seasonal maintenance services tailored to each season, from Spring and fall clean-ups to winter storms.

    Masonry & Hardscaping

    From garden walls and pathways to stone stairs and brick repointing. We offer a widerange of masonry services.

    Planting and Installation

    Planting & Installation

    We can help select and plant suitable grasses, shrubs, and trees to enhance the beauty of your property.

    Power Washing & Painting

    Power Washing & Interior & Exterior Painting

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    What our customers say about our work

    "We have had Danny and his team clean up our home's yard and farm land every spring and fall. He is always punctual, professional, and thorough."

    Richard N South Salem, NY

    "I first met Danny through Thumbtack. He quickly proved himself to be a very knowledgeable landscaper. He helped build some garden walls, planted our flower gardens (now thriving), and comes twice or thrice a month to mow our lawn. We love his service."

    Steve H Ardsley, NY

    "Danny came recommended to me, he has plowed my driveway and power washed my home. He is dependable and kind, too have recommended him to friends and family!"

    Ken V Hawthrone, NY
    frequently asked questions

    Low-maintenance landscaping options include planting native species adapted to your climate, incorporating drought-tolerant plants, installing mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture, and using perennial plants that require minimal care once established.

    To attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, plant a variety of flowering plants rich in nectar and pollen. Choose native plant species, provide a continuous bloom throughout the seasons, and avoid using pesticides that may harm pollinators. Creating habitat features like water sources and sheltered areas can also enhance pollinator activity.

    Eco-friendly landscaping practices include conserving water through efficient irrigation systems and drought-tolerant plants, reducing pesticide and fertilizer use, composting organic materials, using permeable paving materials to reduce runoff, and planting native species to support local biodiversity.

    Improving soil quality can be achieved through various methods such as adding organic matter like compost, aged manure, or leaf mulch to enrich soil fertility and structure. Soil testing can help determine nutrient deficiencies and pH levels, allowing for targeted soil amendments. Additionally, practicing minimal tillage and avoiding compaction can promote healthy soil biology.

    To prepare your garden for winter, start by cleaning up debris, removing spent annuals, and cutting back perennial plants. Mulch garden beds to insulate plant roots and prevent soil erosion. Protect tender plants from frost damage by covering them with frost blankets or bringing them indoors. Drain and store garden hoses, and winterize irrigation systems to prevent freezing and damage.

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    We offer comprehensive lawn care and creative landscaping services. From routine lawn maintenance like mowing and fertilization to designing and building beautiful outdoor spaces, our team is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your yard.

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